*Removing a feature*

In order to Remove Eyes, Mouth, Nose, Ears and Eyebrows simply edit your players apperance, open wpe and press play, then save changes to your player and press stop on Wpe. then locate a packet that has the data containing your players apperance. The Packet should look something like this:



Each part of your players apperace is broken down within this packet. each item has a code for example in the previous example the eyes code was 106. After locating the code to the part of your character u wish to remove simply change the code to 000.

For example to remove the players eyes make the packet look like this:

After replacing the codes press send in the packet and refresh your game window to see the changes.

Repeate this procees to remove any part of the players face. To remove all parts of the face somply change all of the codes to 000.

*Jello Face*

In Order to make your players face move constantly first edit your apperance, then open wpe and press play, after pressing play save your characters apperance and press stop on wpe. Locate the packet containg the data for your characters apperance. Again the packet should resemble this:

After locating this packet browse through it untill u find the code for your characters face. After finding this simply replace the code in the packet with 000. The resulting packet should look something like this:


After replacing the codes press send in the packet and refresh your game window to see the change.

*Various Action Tweens*

Sending the gift box. Simply record sending a gift to someone and find the packet that looks like this:

Send it as you please.

You may change who is sending it, and who is receiving it as well, even make someone send it to themself. The numbers after "src" are the source of the tween, and the ones after "dst" are the destination. Both are target ids, not player ids.

Also, if you alter the packet so that "target":"0" is the same as their target id, only they will see you sending it. Example:


After "type" in the packet, you can change it to 1 of 5 different things. Those types are: gift, kiss, coin, eat, and message. The coin one, however, is recorded fresh, or rewriting is necessary. Here's an example of the coin one:


*Gift Freeze*

To Gift freeze another player first record sending that person a gift. Locate the packet that contains the "recieved new gift message."

The resulting packet should look like this:


You will not alter this packet. Just change the timer to 100 millisecods and chose the continous option and send the packet till the person u want to freeze dissapears.

*Locking and unlocking doors*

To lock a door anywhere you want, simply record locking your own house to obtain the intial lock packet, go to the place you want to lock, change r to the r of the corresponding room, and make sure it's being sent on the current socket. Then send.

Lock packet example:

<msg t='sys'><body action='setRvars' r='6538977'><vars so='0'><var n='locked' t='n' pr='1' pe='0'><![CDATA[1]]></var></vars></body></msg>.

To unlock it, change the 1 inside of [CDATA[1]] to a 0, like so:

<msg t='sys'><body action='setRvars' r='6538977'><vars so='0'><var n='locked' t='n' pr='1' pe='0'><![CDATA[0]]></var></vars></body></msg>.

*Mass Snowballs*

To do the mass snowball trick first record throwing a wanterbaloon. and locate the packet contianing the info from throwing the snowball.

The packet should look like this:

You will not alter this packet. first change the tomer from 1000 Milliseconds to 100 Milliseconds, then change the Times(s) option to Continous and press play in the packet.

*Walk Offscreen*

In order to walk offscreen first record your character walking in a room. Then locate the packet containing your characters path.

The packet should look like this:

There are many different places to go off screen in this toutorial i will explain 3 different places to go offscreen. in order to go off of the bottom of the screen locate the y-path of your character in the packet. in some pakets there are more than 1 set of x and y points, always alter the last ste of points in the packet. For example in this packet there are 2 sets of points. Change the last y on the packet to 600 and send the packet.

The Resulting packet should look like this:

In order to move your character to the top of the screen change ALL X and Y points to 0

And in order to move your character off the right side of the screen change the last X to 700 and the last Y to 300

*Teleport Offscreen*

In order to teleport offscreen record joining a new room. and scroll to the end of the list of packets and find one that contains "send new player data."

The packet should look like this:


Once you locate this packet, as in the previous toutorial, loacate the X and Y path and change the Y path to 600

The resultin packet should look like this:


After making these changes then send the packet

**You will not see these changes on your screen your player will remain on the screen, only other playes in the romm can see the changes**

*TTT Max*

In order for You to be able to max in 1 game record winning a game of ttt. even if you lose the hack will still work however you will have to alter the game result.

After recording a game of TTT then locate the "register game result packet.

The packet should look like this: (this is packet recorded when winning a game of TTT)


After locating this packet play it back until your character is maxed in TTT

*********If you recorded losing a game of ttt the resulting packet will look like this:


simply change the "result":0 to "result':1.

The resulting packet would look the same as the game winning packet above.

*TTT and RPS Freeze*

In order to freeze a player with ttt or rps first record requesting a game. (do not start a game cancel before the person accepts)

After recording this search through the list of packets for the "game request" packet

the ttt freeze packet will look like this:


And the rps packet will look like this:

*Trade freeze*

To Trade freeze another plater first record requesting a trade. then look through the list of packets untin u find the "new trade request" packet.

the packet should look like this:


You will not alter this packet.

Change the timer to 100 miliseconds and theen select the continous option and play the packet untim the target disapears.

*Buddy Freeze*

To buddy freeze someone first record a buddy request. Then Browse throught the packets and find the "Buddy" packet.

This packet should look like this:


Do not alter this packet.

Select the continous option and change the timer to 100 miliseconds and send the packet until the the target dissapears.


To appear as though you are standing still, but sliding around in different places, simply record saving your player. Find the packet for your save appearance, it should look something like this:


Then just play it on continuous at 100ms and move where you please!

*Administrator Message*

You are able to send a message that appears as though it was sent from administrators, it looks like the message that pops up when you get reported your 3rd, 4th, or 5th+ time. To do so, record sending a private message to someone. You will get a message that looks like:

C:ASHLEY AUSTRALIA: Hello! ","target":"1966134"},"r":3035}}.

This is much easier done on RPE, as in WPE it requires a lot of rewriting. Anyway, you change the bolded part from "sendMessage" into "sendAdminMessageToUser"

Then, you'll want to remove the italics part completely, otherwise it will show in the Admin Msg and it won't look so official anymore. When you're done, you can make it say anything you want, here's an example of one:

Due to violation of conduct,your account has been set up for review!
Account priviledges will be revoked in 24 hours! ","target":"1966134"},"r":3035}}.

That one's pretty funny to send to someone at random, by the way Very Happy

*Red Text*

In order to talk in red text that everyone can see, the easiest way is to record throwing a water balloon. Find the waterballoon packet that looks like this:


The T that comes right before the bolded text in the quote above has to be turned into a capitol P, then the bolded text above is replaced with what you want to say. Simple as that.

*Private Water Balloon*

If you would like to send a water balloon, or repeated water balloon that nobody else can see, record throwing one first. Then find the packet, which looks like this:


That bold 0 can be changed into the user who will be seeing the water balloons' Target ID, like so:


*Adding people at will*

Feeling rejected? Somebody declines all of your buddy requests? This nifty little trick will fix that problem, you will need to first record somebody actually agreeing to buddy you, anybody is fine, a dummy character, whoever you please. Find a packet obtained when they agree that says:


Then all you need to do is change the target id to the target id of the person who you wish to force to be your friend. Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy

*The Original ModCP Ban*

First off, no, this no longer works. If you record trying to do it you will find a packet saying notEnoughModLevel, because they altered the function to require a mod level to be used. However, many people tried hard for a long time to figure it out and never could, and may still be wondering how we did it, so here it is. So extremely simple all you needed to do was record kicking someone out and get this packet:


Remove the bold text so it looks this way:


Change the target and room id's as needed, send 1 time for a 30-minute ban, 2 times for a 24-hour ban, and 3 times for a permanent ban. Yes, it was that easy LOL

*Kicking Out of other peoples apartments*
As of now YOville has made it a little more difficult to do this one, but its still very possible to do it, you just need two accounts on separate tabs. One account stays in its own house, while the other account gathers Server User Id's( in order for this to work both accounts have to be on the same server), YOville has made it so that you can't kick anyone if your socket ID isn't in it's own apartment.

Record yourself kicking someone out of your own apartment, look for the packet that looks like this-

now add this packet to your send list.
Get your two accounts ready on separate tabs, and decide which one you want to keep in its own house(we will call this account "account 1"), and which account you want to gather the server user ID's with (and this account will be "account 2) ,(keep both accounts on same server's).

Take the "kick" packet and make sure that the temporary room ID's and the socket ID's match with "account 1".
Now take "account 2" and use it to gather the intended target's "target ID" (also known as the Server User ID), you can receive the target ID by either, A) recording yourself private messaging them or ,B) recording yourself viewing their badge's. *there are other way's but these are the easiest*

Now you can put the target ID's in the target area of the kick packet and play, they will poof!

*** Reading Coins ***

There are actually Two ways to do this, one of them being the easiest(to me personally) but displays only the coins, while the other tactic actually displays more information...

Ill go ahead and teach both..

*Technique 1*
Record yourself making an event, then stop. Search for a packet that looks like this-


add this packet to the send list, *save do whatever* and then look for the intended targets player ID, update the player ID, the socket ID and play! If you look in your coin display then you will notice that your coins changed to the max coins of the other player.

*technique 2*

actually this one is most likely the simplest, (though it does require some massive reading)

go to View and then Options on your WPE, and check only the boxes labeled recv,and recv from(uncheck the other two).

find the person you want to scan, leave the room and then record yourself rejoining the room.
When you stop you will look for a packet like this-

<msg t='sys'><body action='uER' r='141490'><u i ='37784' m='1'><n><![CDATA[8888888]]></n><vars><var n='d' t='n'><![CDATA[8]]></var><var n='player' t='s'><![CDATA[{"clothing":[{"id":"2","f":"3","categoryId":"1000","gender":"2","i":"Body"},{"id":"901","f":"3","categoryId":"1009","gender":"2","i":"Face"},{"id":"115","f":"17","categoryId":"1001","gender":"2","i":"Eyes"},{"id":"703","f":"5","categoryId":"1007","gender":"2","i":"Eyebrows"},{"id":"407","f":"9","categoryId":"1004","gender":"2","i":"Nose"},{"id":"212","f":"14","categoryId":"1002","gender":"2","i":"Mouth"},{"id":"15274","f":"89","categoryId":"1003","gender":"0","i":"Hair"},{"id":"25122","f":"4","categoryId":"2028","gender":"0","i":"Hat"},{"id":"25155","f":"20","categoryId":"2024","gender":"2","i":"Jacket"},{"id":"25417","f":"241","categoryId":"100","gender":"0","i":"Pants"},{"id":"25660","f":"124","categoryId":"105","gender":"0","i":"Shoes"},{"id":"800","f":"2","categoryId":"1008","gender":"0","i":"Ears"}],"createdOn":"2009-02-10 03:03:37.0","badgeLevel":4,"lastLogin":"2009-03-13 07:59:23.0","firstTime":"0","mod_level":0,"playerId":"8888888","badgeIdUpdated":false,"name":"King_Potr (3 Kings)","money":"9611760","cash":"5","gender":"2","badgeId":21,"inWelcomeParty":true,"badgeType":3}]]></var><var n='playerId' t='s'><![CDATA[8888888]]></var><var n='instanceId' t='s'><![CDATA[2027]]></var><var n='properties' t='s'><![CDATA[[]]]></var><var n='serverUserId' t='n'><![CDATA[88888]]></var><var n='y' t='n'><![CDATA[235]]></var><var n='x' t='n'><![CDATA[888]]></var></vars></u></body></msg>.

*Room Freeze #1*

This is one of many and maby the simplest room freeze, first record your character walking, then browse thru the packets and find the "updat character path" packet.

The packet sould look like this:


to freeze room change the speed to 999, and both or all x and y paths to 000, then change the timer to 100ms and select continous and play the packet.

The alterd packet should look like this:


if you read through the packet then you will notice that it displays their player ID, what they are currently wearing,the amount of coins,yocash,mod level *so you can tell whether someones a mod or not (though it should be obvious even without wpe), the date the account was made, and even the last login!

*Gift Locked Costumes/Hairs*

In order to gift a locked costume or a hair firts go to view in wpe and select options. check both send and recieve packets. then record enetring the game from the start menu. this will log every item and its item id as well as its player item id. Browse through these packets until u find the item u wish to gift.

the packet should look something like this:
an_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2015","itemId":"11000","playerItemId":"266441272","swf":"","category":"Windows","price":"250","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Small Window","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2015","itemId":"11000","playerItemId":"266441273","swf":"","category":"Windows","price":"250","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Small Window","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2015","itemId":"11000","playerItemId":"266441274","swf":"","category":"Windows","price":"250","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Small Window","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2015","itemId":"11000","playerItemId":"266441275","swf":"","category":"Windows","price":"250","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Small Window","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2015","itemId":"11001","playerItemId":"266441276","swf":"","category":"Windows","price":"500","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Large Window","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2007","itemId":"11002","playerItemId":"266441277","swf":"","category":"Tables","price":"500","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Kitchen Island","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2002","itemId":"15001","playerItemId":"266441278","swf":"","category":"Walls","price":"250","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Beige Wallpaper","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2002","itemId":"15006","playerItemId":"266441279","swf":"","category":"Walls","price":"250","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Blue-Grey Wallpaper","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2002","itemId":"15008","playerItemId":"266441280","swf":"","category":"Walls","price":"250","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Green Wallpaper","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2002","itemId":"15010","playerItemId":"266441281","swf":"","category":"Walls","price":"250","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Blue-Green Wallpaper","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2001","itemId":"15076","playerItemId":"266441282","swf":"","category":"Floors","price":"500","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Flowered Tile","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2001","itemId":"15093","playerItemId":"266441283","swf":"","category":"Floors","price":"400","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Brown Carpet","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2001","itemId":"15094","playerItemId":"266441284","swf":"","category":"Floors","price":"400","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Pink Carpet","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2001","itemId":"15095","playerItemId":"266441285","swf":"","category":"Floors","price":"400","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Grey Carpet","filename":"","can_consume":"0","metaData":""},{"startItem":"1","g":"0","categoryId":"2022","itemId":"25165","playerItemId":"266441286","swf":"","category":"Kitchen Appliances","price":"300","playerId":"4825870","parentCategoryId":"5","name":"Kitchen Cabinets","filename":"KitchCabinets","can_consume":"0","metaData.

There will be namy packets like this and to make it easier click the search option in wpe(looks like a magnifying glass) and type the name of the item u wish to find.

once you find the player item id copy it to a notepad or remember it.

one you have this info record sending someone a gift. find a packet (should be sized in the 207-2808 area).

this packet should look like this:

{"t":"xt","b":{"x":"myLife","c":"ActionManager.sendAction","p":{"giftWrapItemId":25588,"playerItemId":"636315251","recipientPlayerId":1766759,"message":"Enjoy your new gift!r","actionType":1}

replace the player item id in the packe with the player item id of the item u wish to gift(this works for any item hair, costumes, starter items , everything.)and press the play button

******if the receiver has already opend the original gift they will not see the gifted item until they refresh**

*Read Anyones coins*

To read anyones coins simply turn on recieved packets and record entering a room.

look for the packet containing the players information.

The packet should look like this:

<msg t='sys'><body action='joinOK' r='4169438'><pid id='0'/><vars /><uLs r='4169438'><u i='1047448' m='1'><n><![CDATA[11478263]]></n><vars><var n='d' t='n'><![CDATA[4]]></var><var n='player' t='s'><![CDATA[{"clothing":[{"id":1,"f":"2","categoryId":"1000","gender":"1","i":"Body"},{"id":900,"f":"2","categoryId":"1009","gender":"0","i":"Face"},{"id":102,"f":"4","categoryId":"1001","gender":"1","i":"Eyes"},{"id":700,"f":"2","categoryId":"1007","gender":"1","i":"Eyebrows"},{"id":404,"f":"6","categoryId":"1004","gender":"1","i":"Nose"},{"id":15162,"f":"17","categoryId":"1002","gender":"1","i":"Mouth"},{"id":500,"f":"2","categoryId":"1005","gender":"1","i":"Makeup"},{"id":15409,"f":"224","categoryId":"1003","gender":"1","i":"Hair"},{"id":25358,"f":"186","categoryId":"104","gender":"1","i":"Shirt"},{"id":25358,"f":"176","categoryId":"104","gender":"1","i":"Pants"},{"id":25358,"f":"186","categoryId":"104","gender":"1","i":"Shirt"},{"id":25358,"f":"176","categoryId":"104","gender":"1","i":"Pants"},{"id":1523,"f":"25","categoryId":"105","gender":"1","i":"Shoes"},{"id":800,"f":"2","categoryId":"1008","gender":"0","i":"Ears"}],"locale":"en_US","createdOn":"2009-03-04 14:08:29.0","badgeLevel":2,"lastLogin":"2009-04-11 18:33:10.0","firstTime":0,"mod_level":0,"playerId":10744913,"badgeIdUpdated":false,"age":"45","name":"Pretty Petals","money":1913,"cash":0,"gender":1,"badgeId":24,"inWelcomeParty":true,"badgeType":4}]]></var><var n='playerId' t='s'><![CDATA[10744913]]></var><var n='instanceId' t='s'><![CDATA[2006]]></var><var n='properties' t='s'><![CDATA[[]]]></var><var n='serverUserId' t='n'><![CDATA[1047448]]></var><var n='y' t='n'><![CDATA[244]]></var><var n='x' t='n'><![CDATA[270]]></var></vars></u><u i='1048182' m='1'><n><![CDATA[9682769]]></n><vars><var n='d' t='n'><![CDATA[5]]></var><var n='player' t='s'><![CDATA[{"clothing":

** this is a short version of the packet and each packet can contain may players information***

*Go Invisible*

To make your character turn invisable record entering a room and locate the "update character property" packet.

there are a few different property packets the one u look fot to go invisable should look like this:


after locating the packet play it back 1 time and ur character will be invisable.

**u will not see these changes on yourscreen only other players in the romm will see this**

*change other peoples pets names*

Dont like what your friends pet is named? well now u have to power to change it to your liking. First record entering a room. and look thru the packets till u find the packet containing the pets name.

the packet should look like this

<msg t='sys'><body action='setRvars' r='2345446'><vars so='0'><var n='DogYorkie_210_292.petName' t='s' pr='0' pe='1'><![CDATA[lucky]]></var></vars></body></msg>..

to change the name just replace ur new name in the packet after CDATA

for example:

<msg t='sys'><body action='setRvars' r='2345446'><vars so='0'><var n='DogYorkie_210_292.petName' t='s' pr='0' pe='1'><![CDATA[WOOP]]></var></vars></body></msg>..

*Spam message boards*

To spam a persons message board first record posting the message you want to spam them with.

the packet you are going to use looks like this:


do not alter the packet, play on continous at 100ms untill u have left the desired amount of messages

*change walls with floor or floor with walls*

to swap floors with walls record saving the room and find the "save player room" packet

the packet should look like this.


to swap floors with walls change the floor code to the wall code and wall code to floor code like this:


then press play and send the packet once

**room edit note**
If these room hacks arent preformed correctly it will lock your appartment and ur account will be lost, so be very careful

*Spawn Secret Beach*

To spawn a secret beach on yoville first record going into a room and get the "Join Room" packet.

This packet should look like this


Once this packet is located change the words after "zone": to BeachInterior

Here is what the resulting packet should look like:



You will Not see the Changes on your screen and will only be able to see what other people say and do with an alternate account, so log a second character on and follow yourself, and line the 2 windows next to eachother

*Sub Emoticon on command*

Simply record doing any smiley and find the packet that it was recorded in.

the packet should look like this:


to display a sub icon change the "E:" to 25

For example:


You can play this once or put it on continous and spam it either way cool beginner hack. have fun with it.

Any emoticon can be repeated on continous by finding its packet and playing it on continous.
*Crazy* *Crazy* *Crazy* *Crazy* *Trampoline* *Trampoline*

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